My Continued Thoughts on Homeschooling

This is a modified repost of a previous popular post here at the Queen Mommys Cafe:

Our girls, Curly & Georgie, are 4 and 2. Curly just graduated from Christian PreK right and loved it. Both girls are social butterflies (big surprise, right?) and both are very bright – when I can get their attention long enough, that is…

I still feel – even after posting this some time ago, that as part of the Mothering experience for me homeschooling could play a real part. And I still laugh. (Yep, call me Sarah.)

Who, ME? God – do you know who you are talking to here? Me? Miss Love it for 3 weeks and then lose it somewhere in the house? Me – miss plant the garden (late) and not reap all the goodies. Me – miss fall in love with a product only to toss it out 6 weeks later.

Me – Miss Love The Thrill of the New Experience, Tolerate It Until Its Gone. Really, Me? Every single semester with Liberty University Online I’ve threatened to quit. Seriously.

So I’ve been investigating, asking questions, reading curriculum reviews, and talking to some homeschool moms. I still have loads of information to share here about homeschooling – and have just put it off because it’s been a tad painful for me. My husband is a big proponent of education – the kind you get at schools and in colleges. And I’m NOT criticizing him – so everybody just calm right down.

Yes, my personality and nature would make homeschooling more work for me. That is very true.

And the days when I find an entire roll of toilet paper stuck in the toilet (Georgie), or oil crayon all over the playroom walls, floors, and even my prized hope chest (Curly) – I want to scream and pull my hair out and give up on the whole interactive motherhood adventure.

The truth is – I couldn’t possibly homeschool without my husband’s blessing or support. And this is not about raising cane to try to coerce that.

I laughed at the first notion of homeschooling BECAUSE I know myself and my tendencies. It’s not a small thing to take your child’s education into your own hands – when it can be so easy to relinquish it to “trained professionals” and just do my part when she’s home. Of course, I want the best education for each of my children, and I have questions about any kind of education for my daughters.

But I do think God challenges me – whatever the outcome – because He wants me to EMBRACE my role as Mother to my children. It is as much about committing to raise them up in a way that honors God as they learn and grow – whether they continue with their Christian education outside the home – or not.

My husband is not the bad guy – it makes him the Husband & Father he is called to be – and my role is to be the Wife & Mother I am called to be – whether my children get their education at home or in school.

And education isn’t just about book learnin’! =)

I feel absolutely – more and more and more every day – that my role in motherhood is even DEEPER than I imagined it to be – and even than I’m sometimes willing to be. I am constantly being challenged to let go of myself more – to let go of my desires and whims – and focus on raising them to love Jesus – whether or not I also teach them how to diagram a sentence or anything else “educational.”

So, while I won’t be homeschooling them next year, I am going to dig into being a better hands-on Mother and Leader and Guide and Trainer – because that’s what God gave them to me for…

Oh – and I WILL be talking more about homeschooling in the near future…