Time to Buckle Down

So these 2 counseling classes I’m taking this summer are requiring serious chunks of study time. I am NOT complaining – I learn so much from each of the hour long DVD lectures – and reading 10 or so chapters a week – and am really grateful to be learning so much about Marriage & Family & Healthy Relationships.

It’s always a bit disconcerting to recognize myself in descriptions of personality types – as much as I love personality tests – understanding and recognizing dysfunctions within myself is uncomfortable. But in a good way – because it means I have room for improvement, and the books I’m reading don’t just list out people “types” but also ways to eliminate unhealthy habits and thinking patterns – and THAT is good stuff.

I’m saying all of that to say this: While Roy is on vacation this week, his mom & I are doing some SERIOUS summer cleaning – along with my classes and having some good family time. So, I am on “vacation” but am going to repost some old favorites (with a few changes & updates here and there).

I’ve been looking at my daily schedule – my weekly schedule – all of my responsibilities and know that especially during classes “something’s gotta give” and although blogging is a HUGE part of ME – it’s also the most flexible part and will require some down time.

Never fear – I’m not leaving – just cutting back a little. I need to buckle down at home with summer coming – classes in full swing (and 3 papers to write) – I want to be more of a “yes” mom and less of a “wait just a few minutes” mom. I am intentionally reviewing my schedule before the Lord, and asking for Roy’s input and direction, too, so that I can live a purposeful, intentional wife & mom life, and not give them my leftovers… I need to keep my priorities aligned with GOD’S BEST for me, and not just wrap myself up in so many GOOD things that I miss out…

Curly graduates from Prekindergarten tomorrow, and it’s an exciting time for all of us. We are looking forward to it – and watching her grow into a big girl is just about to kill me. Not really – but wow, she’s just growing up so fast!

So hang tight – I’ll have some reposts – will be sharing some great new blogs & posts I’ve found – and some fun summer stuff to enjoy. I’m still actively writing (although a tad less there, too) at Mommies Coffee Break – so if you haven’t visited, stop on over and get yourself subscribed so you don’t miss a post there, either. Be sure to Follow via Google Friend or Connect via Networked Blogs with me here – or subscribe by email or RSS feed – and share your summer days and activities with me, too!