Whew! We Made It!

This has been a week of serious soap-opera proportions!

Curly is no longer sick, and Georgie only ever gagged – but they were both off kilter for the first 3 days of the week. And by “off kilter” – I mean they didn’t want to take naps! Nap Time – especially when I’m in school – is CRUCIAL to my sanity and ability to accomplish everything. Typically, on Thursday nights I have writing assignments due, so I use naptime of the first 3 days of my week to get my lectures viewed. This week – that didn’t happen. And yet, in the midst of my PANIC, I heard the Lord speaking to me (again) that it would be okay and He would provide what I needed. And yesterday – despite a raging headache (we had storms moving in), I got done what needed, and just need to take a test and finish up another writing assignment!!!

And then, my hubby called Tuesday and said things at work were getting serious. Just one of those work situations where instead of everybody doing the right thing and what they should to ensure cohesiveness and production – they all ran around like chickens with their heads cut off and Roy was the “target.” But it was a blessing to talk through it with him and pray for and over him – and God really worked in that situation too. Roy is handling it very well, and God really brought him through.

We also got audited by the IRS from 2 years ago and end up owing over $500 to them. We’ve never owed a penny – but due to one of those little regulations and not having 1 form with us when we filed, we owe them. Still praying about this one cuz that’s a lot of money.

Thankfully, my insurance finally approved the MRI for my left ankle. It’s been 2 weeks since the dr ordered it, but I’ve just been taking Aleve (anti-inflammatory) as needed, wearing my lace-up brace much more often, alternating with an ace wrap, and trying to take it easy. Once we get the results, I may need physical therapy or some other treatment, so we’ll see what happens. With 2 very active girls and a split level house – taking it easy means really focusing my activities and making the most of having to go up & down the stairs, etc. It’s all good…

Roy is taking ALL next week off for vacation. It’ll be nice to have him home. Besides several dr appointments, I’m hoping his mom & I can get our basement cleaned out – and the garage – before summer really hits. I’ve been debating having a garage sale – and once we get everything cleaned out and sorted, I’ll know whether or not it will be worth doing. We’ve got plenty of things we can donate, but there are other things we can probably sell, so that may happen in June! And then I hope to implement the suggestions I got from Tara during my Inspiration Appointment – which will help get us working better together as a family – and making cleanup less of a hassle. I’ll write about that as it happens!

Hope you all have a good week. I’ll be talking with my friend, Shel, again today about our book – and hopefully we can start moving in that direction. Since we’re long distance – and since we’ve done some character reconfiguration – we have needed to stop the actual writing and get some details worked out. But that’s what our call is about today, so we’ll see where it goes from there!