As the Stomach Churns

So yeah, we’ve got some kind of stomach “thing” going on at our house… Talk about a soap opera.

Curly went to school yesterday and they were taking graduation pictures. She’d just had her individual shot taken when she lost her breakfast THREE TIMES and was running a temp. I don’t know how seriously her white cap & gown were impacted, but after a long nap yesterday, lots of 7up and popsicles, and another long night of rest – she seems to be doing great.

Georgie on the other hand – feels pretty warm this morning – but they seem to be okay. They’re rolling their blueberry muffins into “worms” while they sit looking outside our front door.

Last night I had a serious summer thrill. Roy & I were talking and I happened to see the most beautiful little ruby-throated hummingbird visiting some flowers that sprung up next to our garage this month. I was SO. EXCITED. I love hummingbirds, and because of the flowers & plants in our front yard landscaping, we’ve drawn a lot of birds and butterflies – but the hummingbirds just really get me going. I’m hoping to catch a picture tonight – and now I want to plant ALL KINDS of butterfly/hummingbird attracting flowers outside our front door. LOL.

Hopefully we can get our veggie garden prepped & planted by this weekend. Classes are demanding a lot of my time – and with sick girls – it gets exciting. With a women’s ministry dinner tonight, my ankle MRI tomorrow, and another appointment with my friend, Shel, this week about the novel we’re writing – my cup is overflowing with good things.

Thankfully, my father-in-law figured out why our air conditioner wasn’t working – cuz I was seriously becoming a cranky mama… Not a good thing. Like my sweet friend, Cyndi, said last week – one night she was just feeling “mean” and that’s how I’ve felt for the past several days. She could attribute hers to some medication she has to take right now – but mine was just because, well, because I have a mean streak…

More about my soap opera life later (I hope)…

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