Little Curly Bear

I don’t know why, but Curly just loves to watch Little Bear on nickJr. It’s a funny little show – and Little Bear is the main character. He has several animal friends and lives with his parents and sister. The stories usually involve lessons in manners and kindness and friendship, etc. I like it. There are still some shows on TV that promote good values – ya just have to look for them sometimes…

Speaking of Curly – this girl is growing up right before our eyes! I don’t know why, but the idea of her turning FIVE years old has me almost in tears! It seems like a major milestone to me – and we’ll be having a big shindig for her birthday this year – as well as a graduation “party” for her PreKindergarten graduation. She’ll be in a cap & gown and everything.

She came out to the van from school today hollering, “Mom! Mom! Can I have a sleepover at Ellie’s?” It kinda took my breath away cuz she’s ONLY 4! But I said, Honey, I haven’t even talked to Ellie’s mom yet. And she says confidently, “Oh yay! I can’t wait to go sleepover at Ellie’s tomorrow night!” Uh, honey???

The logic that grows in this time of their life is really entertaining.

I mentioned earlier that Roy told Curly we’d be having a graduation party for her. She got all excited about it. He told her that meant we’d just be having a special cake, and she went on and on about what she wanted on her cake (any guesses?) and how we need to get her a new dress to wear (and she requested a BALLERINA dress, of course). She came home the next day from school and announced that she invited her TEACHERS to her graduation party – and Roy & I looked at each other a bit dumbfounded… She wants to invite all of her classmates, too, of course…

And on the way home today we had this conversation:

Curly: Mom! Did you know that Jesus caa-llecs our tears?
Me: Oh he does? How does he do that?
Curly: In a bottle. He puts our tears in a bottle.
Me: You’re right, honey, He does. How did you know that?
Curly: Mrs. Lilly told me.
Me: Yes, Mrs. Lilly is pretty smart…

And of course Jesus has a big bottle for me cuz I was wiping tears away just from that conversation. I don’t remember knowing about this until several years ago – and here she has it all figured out!

Last night after we prayed together, we were hugging and I told her she had prayed a very nice prayer (it was very personal and she offered some things about lessons learned earlier in the day). I said, “God dances over you, especially when you pray like that.” And she looked at me with this surprise on her face and said, “God dances in the clouds for me?” Oh yes, Curly, He certainly does. And she got up on her tiptoes and did a little twirl with Him…

Oh how tender and impressionable they are. Whether it’s an attitude they pick up from a friend or classmate (or parent, ahem…) or these little exquisite jewels of Truth that help shape and guide their thoughts – this is really so awesome to watch and I’m really honored…