Friday: Short & Sweet

Good morning Company Girls, Friends & Readers!

Although you may have expected a picture of me based on the title of this post (HA!), in reality, I am just keeping things short and sweet today. Grab your coffee and take a breather for just a few minutes.

It has been a difficult week in Mommyland. Potty training is only one aspect of it – chocolate is a GREAT motivator. Just having one of those – God-did-you-really-think-I-could-do-this-whole-mothering-thing? week and it has been, um, interesting. I’ve had to go back to the doctor – nothing serious – just checking some bloodwork, etc., but since I’m not typically seeing a doctor more than once a year (except during pregnancy), and I’ve been to a doctor for one reason or now every couple of weeks, it’s had me a bit rattled. My ankle is healing – I even took a walk this week, but it’s gonna be a slow process…

And my 4 yr old nephew, Caden, is in Toledo today having more bloodwork. He’s been battling leukemia and his blood work does not look right, so they need to do some more testing, and possible a bone marrow biopsy. This is pretty harrowing for anyone – but a 4 yr old and his mother? Well, I think you can imagine. Your prayers would really be appreciated. Visit Caden’s Caring Bridge page for more information.

If anyone has a green thumb, I’d like some veggie planting suggestions. Please visit my garden post this week – and thanks!

I’m also taking a short survey, so if you’re willing and have a couple of minutes to share, I’d appreciate your FEEDBACK! Please click here to take the survey.

Need to sign off and run several errands this morning and hopefully enjoy another GORGEOUS Spring day. Cheers!

Enjoy visiting with the rest of the Company Girls at Home Sanctuary with Rachel Anne by clicking the pretty coffee cup below. I enjoy Coffee Fridays!!!