Broccoli, Celery, Gotta Be: VEGGIE TALES!

Are you a fan of Veggie Tales? At our house, we certainly are. We have collected a few videos – here and there – over the past few years, and we really enjoy watching them. With our recent visits to the library, we’ve been able to check out a few that we’d never seen before, and that has been really delightful.

I love stories that build character and promote Christian values in an entertaining format that kids will actually watch! My favorite story is Jonah. Of course, I was already partial to that story, but the Veggie Tales version ROCKS…

We recently watched the story of Esther and it was really good, too. I think that’s another top favorite of mine. What an amazing story of Courage in a nation of unbelievers! A good story for my girls to hear and know…

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