Seize the Day

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

After a warmer few days and rainy weekend which melted all our snow away, we’ve awakened to a light fresh snowfall again. It is beautiful coming down. Big white snowflakes blowing around in the wind – looking like powdered sugar dusting a chocolate-colored landscape.

I’ve been attending the A Woman Inspired Conference, Nurturing Creativity & Efficient Living, this week. I won a free ticket (Thank You Lord!) God knows how much my creative nature can both benefit and hamper my efficiency. I often daydream, which distracts me from the work that needs done. And yet, yesterday, I was encouraged to dream and to write, AND to do the work of our home – without feeling guilty if the house isn’t spotless.

Oh, I don’t struggle with that the way I used to. That’s for sure. But I am enjoying the order that I’ve been maintaining in my revamped desk in the kitchen, and like to see my living room as cozy and welcoming (rather than cluttered and confusing) – and my creative nature fuels my desire to see more order in my home. I’m loving it.

So today – I’m going to take my own advice and Seize the Day! I have some work to do – but I am going to relish the online sessions that feed my creativity, my love for writing, and the ministry of writing God is calling me to… I am so thankful to be a Stay at home Wife & Mom – and while I do often fail and flounder, and I struggle with feelings of resentment and need for the spotlight, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to make a real difference in my home every day. To have the chance to listen to godly women who follow God with their whole hearts in creative and lovely ways. And who find ways to serve and please God in simple, everyday tasks.

You can still register for the online conference and even if you miss sessions, you’ll have access to the handouts and mp3s to download later. You’ll even have a chance to buy those mp3s later if you can’t buy the ticket for the live conference! I highly recommend it!