Doing What I Can to Make My Home Sing

I’ve been VERY tired lately – and we’ve got a lot of “stuff” going on in and around our home and family.

Thankfully, Curly is done with soccer – but she had fun and made some new friends and rediscovered her love for digging up worms out of the dirt…

We were all kinda dealing with some crud yesterday – different for each of us – but we laid low and took it easy. Curly needed a few breathing treatments and Roy has been battling something for a couple of days. Georgie has been a handful cuz she’s got more energy than the other 3 of us put together – but she has been helpful and loving when we have been able to get her attention. =)

Needless to say, we still have a lot of things on our plates, and today, I am going to focus on just a few things.

Have been dying to make some sour cream banana bread and am going to do my best to get it made today. Not only does it smell good, but it tastes scrumptious and satisfies my creative nature with the whole baking process. =)

Want to get ALL. MY. LAUNDRY. DONE. today. That will be a serious challenge – but I think I can tackle it. One load at a time! While it requires some focus and effort, this project will satisfy my “list-maker” nature and accomplish something serious for my family.

Other than that, I’m doing some serious praying today. Over my family – over our home – over decisions already made and decisions yet to be made. I need some focused prayer, Scripture, and journaling time with the Lord today and if I don’t accomplish anything but this, I will still be satisfied.

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