Company Coffee Girls: Let’s Have Tea!

Some of you may enjoy a rich, roast of your morning coffee – and I certainly do – but many of you also enjoy your tea – and I have a great fondness for tea, too… I posted about tea yesterday so feel free to visit and leave your comments – would love to know what tea you love and why…

Fall is certainly upon us. It got rainy and cool, and then it got rainy and cold. Brrrr!!! Time for jackets and hats. Time for soups and stews. Time for coffee and tea! (Like I can’t find a reason to enjoy either any other time of year…)

Yesterday surprised us with a bright, sunny day – but it is raining heavily today and gloomy. A nice cup of tea chases the gloomies away for me. How about you?

Fall makes me want to get in the kitchen and go crazy baking and cooking. So I did. I baked an Oatmeal Loaf (Yum-O!) and baked a few Shortbread cookies (made with a crown cookie cutter of course…) They are sinfully delicious using 1 cup butter, and are a perfect accompaniment to a great cup of tea.

I started collecting teapots – and tea-themed lovelies – about10 years ago. I had a “thing” for Victoriana – lacy, frilly, girly stuff – and a friend bought me a gorgeous teapot with burgundy roses. I was so enamored with it, I began visiting flea markets to find more! And when we started having “Secret Santa” at work – that’s when my collection really came to life. Teapots, teasets, books about tea – sigh… They’re like little pieces of my friends from long ago that I still get to keep with me. I don’t have a picture of any of them, though, so it’s something I should work on!

For this week, I’ve been more focused on getting some things in order at home and bringing peace – had some good days and some not so good days – but will keep trying. Getting rid of some old, and decluttering, cleaning – busy work that never ends…

Time to get my family up. Have a lovely day!