Share a Cup with Me! or I Dream of Keurig…

So what’s your favorite coffee blend? Do you have one or do you just drink the first available cup you can find? What’s your favorite brewing system?

See, I can’t think or talk about the craziness of my week, so I’m going to focus on one of my favorite things: COFFEE!!! I could totally own a coffee shop and would LOVE to try the wide variety of coffee roasts, bean blends, and brewing systems to see which is really my favorite. But it might not be a profitable coffee shop if I’m using all the merchandise…

At our house, we use a percolator. Roy grew up with one – and I have to agree with him that it makes a better cup of coffee than the standard drip brewer. I also prefer a medium-roast coffee, although I enjoy a dark roast from time to time, too. Especially in winter…

But I still dream about a Keurig one-cup brewer. Mainly because we will perk an 8-10 cup pot of coffee many mornings, and not drink it all. 6 cups would satisfy me – but just me – and that’s not really 6 cups of coffee, just the measurement on our pot. So I always make at least 8 so Roy can enjoy some coffee, too. Only he doesn’t always get to.

So we end up pouring coffee down our drain and I can’t. stand. it.

The one thing holding me back from buying a Keurig is the price of the K-cups. Typically, we’re talking $9.99 for a box of 18 cups. Which breaks down to a reasonably priced single cup of coffee – $.56 – compared to specialty shops and even most restaurants. But when compared to the 23 lb can of coffee that can be bought at Little Mans Club for $9.99 (Okay, I’m exaggerating the size of the coffee can) – we’re talking a serious difference in prices.

On the other hand, Keurig was smart enough to manufacture a “make-your-own-K-cup” accessory, so anyone is able to use their favorite blend of coffee to make a cup for themselves at home – so it works out well. And we can find the brewer that works for us while still saving money. WOOHOO!!!

The other factor in selecting coffee is whether or not it is FAIR-TRADE. Organic – I’m actually not so much worried about. But FAIR TRADE has to do with the fact that the coffee source essentially does NOT use slave labor to produce their coffee beans. FAIR TRADE means that the source does not use slave workers in their manufacturing process and pays their workers FAIR wages for work, not pennies for hours of long days at exhaustive manual labor…

I’ve been looking more and more for FAIR TRADE blends and trying to be a little more selective about my coffee. [By the way – the 3 products which often resort to using slave labor at the source are: Coffee, Chocolate, and Diamonds. Hmmm – all 3 are something women tend to love generally speaking, so I figure women can do something about it…] Anyway – more coffee suppliers are using FAIR TRADE beans, and although the price may be a tad bit higher – but not always – it’s worth a smaller variety of selections to help eradicate slavery!

Now it’s time to go get the perk percolating and get started with my day!

So what IS your favorite coffee? Bean blend? Roast? Brand Name? What’s your favorite way to drink coffee? Do you have a favorite local shop – what’s your favorite drink there?