Are you a Coupon Queen (or King)?

Do you “COUPON”? Do you spend time cutting coupons, filing them, and track your savings each week? Do you consider yourself to be a “Coupon Queen” (or King)?

My mom is a pretty amazing coupon shopper, but I’ll admit I’ve not invested myself quite deeply enough to see significant savings. Oh, I use coupons. When I remember to bring my coupon filer. Or when I remember that I HAVE a coupon for a particular item. I just haven’t gotten deliberate about it. Yet.

And then I read these posts from women who save so much money, and I get inspired. So I thought I’d share a few of these posts for anybody who wants to coupon, who likes to coupon, and who celebrates amazing savings with other people who like to be frugal!

I LOVE how A Virtuous Woman shares her system in How I Organize My Coupons. Not only that, but she shares WHERE she gets her coupons here and here! Part of my issue is not having coupons for MANY of the things my family buys. I am always looking for new places to find pertinent coupons – and appreciate anyone who shares this information online!

My friend, Alyssa, has also shared her coupon system at Life from my Laptop. She writes about her Coupon Binder, how she plans to USE her coupons, and recommends A Full Cup as a source for great coupons!

My buddy Danielle, at Danielle’s Journey offers these recent coupon links – for restaurants, food, and other great items! Here’s another post with links from the previous week! Check them OUT!!!

So how do YOU save money? Do you use coupons? What’s your most successful savings on products you buy every day? Feel free to share your tips & resources and let me know how you rank yourself in saving money!