Great Stuff for Christian Women on the Web!

I just love finding the (sometimes) hidden treasures on the Web, don’t you? There are so many amazing and wonderful Christian resources available, it would be a full time job to hunt them down and list them all! Wouldn’t THAT be a fun job?

Jean Stockdale of Standing Near the Cross Ministries announced a new interactive online Bible study of Ephesians for women – it begins September 24th. You can order your book at the link, and everything else is available online free! I’m subscribed to her blog to stay updated. Don’t know if I’ll get into this round (I’m doing 3 separate studies right now) but she’s got some great Bible study resources for women!

If you are involved in any shape or form of women’s ministry – check out Women’ This is Jennifer Rothschild’s site – our women’s ministry leader is subscribed to the site – and although I’m not, I’ve found terrific resources and ideas for participating in Women’s Ministry! She offers freebiesGOOD STUFF, ladies!

If you’re looking for a daily dose of God’s Word, might I suggest you subscribe to Internet Cafe’s Devotions? Wow! A variety of women contribute to the “Daily Cup” and I’m always moved and inspired by the message that these women bring from the Word of God!

And I can’t forget Revive Our Hearts, Nancy Leigh Demoss’ women’s ministry. With radio programs, the 30-day True Woman Makeover and other 30 day challenges, this ministry offers practical programs to fit any woman’s schedule. Don’t miss her printables & downloads, either!

Last, but not least- A Woman Inspired has a few conferences coming up. In fact – they are offering a free conference Tuesday, 9/15 – Step Out Into Ministry – beginning 8 pm EST. You can register here – but hurry since spacing is limited. Future online conferences include: Nurturing Creativity, An Efficient Life, and “One” Marriage (more details will be coming soon!) The AWI Christian Women Toolbar is a great addition to my internet experience. I love having godly Christian resources right at my fingertips – any time of the day or night! (I don’t play the Klove music because it has some kind of conflict with my computer – BUT I wish I could!)