Christian Charm School

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Sometimes, the opportunity to observe etiquette is just out of reach. Or just impossible – Like my story from yesterday, for example… But on most occasions knowing the proper way to behave in social situations is useful and necessary.

Did you ever have the opportunity (or were forced to) attend any etiquette classes or programs while you were growing up?

You know the kind I mean: Balancing a book on your head. Learning how to sit like a lady (or gentleman). Learning which piece of silverware to use with each plate or dish.

But those classes ~ including the ones I took part in ~ were more than just about using the right fork. Those classes were designed to encourage grace, dignity, courteousness, and consideration of others as well as yourself.

I got a big kick out of the few classes I took part in during Junior High at my Christian school. It was fun participating in a luncheon that included a variety of courses, and pursuing conversation designed to entertain and enlighten. It’s been awhile since I stopped to think about them and how much I enjoyed them. And it probably only fed my strong attachment to the whole idea of “taking tea.”

So did you ever take any “charm” courses or lessons?

Wish you had? Wish you could? Wish your daughters could?

My friend Alyssa Avant, has written a Christian Charm School course for girls that includes both a leaders guide and student workbook that you as a parent, or someone who works with preteens and teenagers, should consider including in your teaching role!

The leaders guide is very user friendly and offers great tips and recommendations for presenting the information to the girls in your life. With suggestions for demonstrations and supplies, as well as tips for encouraging each girl to use the workbook successfully, you will find a lot of freedom for creativity and flexibility in your role as “teacher.”

The student workbook contains practical and thought-provoking exercises that any girl can work through. With prompts from a parent or teacher, a different perspective on the true meaning of “charm” can be discovered.

In a world where Beauty is relegated simply to one’s physical attributes (or lack thereof), anyone’s confidence in themselves ~ and their True Worth ~ is often tested and shaken. Alyssa’s Christian Charm School offers a clear foundation on the basis of REAL BEAUTY – and reminds each of us the value that God, our Creator, has placed upon us.