A Company Girl – Inspired!

Christin, at Journey to A Gracious Woman featured this meme of sorts on her blog last week and I was intrigued. I visited Home Sanctuary and found it to be another one of those warm, inviting, encouraging blogs that I just HAD to subscribe to on the spot. And it’s really more of a club than a meme. Cool!

You know – like walking into a little coffee shop that smells of fresh coffee & pastry and holds pretty little trinkets or candles in every nook and cranny. Aaaah. (Is it completely shocking that I’m totally HOOKED by a coffee theme???)

The theme for Company Girl Coffee is: “Sanctuary is in the Small Things.” Creating sanctuary at home.


Each weekday Rachel posts a new activity to incorporate into your day – with the opportunity to win points.

Monday – it was exercise for 5 minutes (for 50 points) and my goal for this week is to walk for 20 minutes a day at least 4 days. MORE motivation!

Rachel also has a monthly drawing and even if you only do one activity, you are eligible to enter. BUT the participant with he most points wins a big prize. Here is July’s prize!

TODAY’S ACTIVITY IS: Coffee Time 7.10

On a side note (or maybe I should say novella, since I’m completely incapable of keeping things short & sweet…):

I have to admit – I have found plenty of excuses not to create sanctuary in the house we live in. Our particular house has many “issues” that require work that Roy & I aren’t skilled with, or requires money to hire skilled workers who tend to charge more per hour than the price of gas, know what I mean? Needless to say, for the 5 1/2 years I’ve lived here “sanctuary” has been farthest from my mind when I think of our house.

However – my attitude is changing.

Roy has spent a lot of time and effort in our front yard – extending out the landscaping into our front yard, adding beautiful plants and flowers around two bradford pear trees to give me a “cottage style” garden. This part of the yard has become a sanctuary for a variety of birds and animals including yellow finches, turtle doves, hummingbirds, and yes, even skunks. (Yes, you can think “Snow White” if you want to – I just need the 7 magic dwarves to come do the work around the house!)

Something about this has made me want to carry this feeling INTO the house. So it doesn’t feel impossible anymore to think about ways to create sanctuary in what I’ve considered – at times – to just be a train wreck… (which I am not ready to show pictures of. yet.)

My brain is spinning with all the motivation and ideas and now I want to make our home a SANCTUARY rather than just a domicile or shelter we stay in to be protected from the elements…

I’m not a sketch artist, but I am a collector, so I am going to print off some pictures of styles I like and start putting them in a dream notebook. I’m getting paint chips from my local hardware stores so I can start planning on how to do things. And I’m going to keep my dream notebook with me and keep my vision in front of me.

See – this is the vision of a Keeper At Home. Of a Home Maker. And I believe it comes from God – not that I’m having divine revelations – just that God is speaking to my heart and enlarging my vision. And I am not just going to think about it – I’m going to prepare for it. (And if you’re not sure God doesn’t give visions anymore – read this post at Praise and Coffee!)

One room at a time, I’m going to invite God to help me make this run-down, needs-so-much-work house into our Family Sanctuary. And you’ll get to see the progress…