Making Your Home Sing Monday: Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman?

Making your home sing Mondays

Aha! A topic I can really talk about!

Why can’t a man be more like a woman???

Why can’t he see that the trash is full and should be taken out – the living room floor is an almost impossible maze of shoes, toys, jackets, and clothes – and one lonely sock missed the laundry basket that is sitting right there in the middle of the floor?

Truth is, he doesn’t notice those things for the same reason he doesn’t notice that the living room hasn’t been dusted for a month, the bedroom floor hasn’t been swept in days, there are cobwebs collecting at various corners of the house, and there’s only one clean glass in the cupboard because dishes haven’t been washed…

Shall I go on? Mmmmm – maybe not.

Okay, the more I think about it – the more I’m GLAD men aren’t like women.

Nope – we think differently and we speak differently and we certainly feel differently about a wide variety of things. But that allows for us to balance with each other instead of competing with each other. It allows for us to “fill the gaps” that occur in our day to day living – our emotional makeup – our mental abilities – our spiritual growth.

God’s design for marriage – well, it makes perfect sense, really. Even if the fine details have to be worked out together with cooperation and communication, rather than with pride and selfishness. Is it easy to do? Nope – cuz we’re human. Is it fun to do – well, sometimes it’s a lot of fun and other times it’s a lot of self-sacrifice.

Fighting our differences – nursing a complaining spirit – well, that causes contention and do I REALLY want to be a contentious woman??? No, I really don’t.

Thanking God for the range of gifts and abilities he’s given to me and to my husband – designed by God in our differences to work together more effectively for Him – and aligning my spirit with what GOD has designed –

that’s how I can Make My Home Sing.