Be Kind in 2009

So my goal – my commitment – my resolution for the year is to BE KIND IN 2009.

It is something I will have to practice – A LOT – and something that challenges me. I am not “kind” by nature. I tend to be more pointed, harsh – even mean.

I must be kind to myself. Give myself “a break” even if I don’t think I deserve it – paint my toenails with glittery polish, soak in the bathtub with a favorite book or magazine (til I’m pruney!) when I should could be doing chores, enjoying every sip of my still-HOT tea while my girls empty their toy box all over the living room knowing it can be cleaned up. I must take care of myself – make better food choices, move more, take my vitamins, get my rest instead of striving (and failing) to have a spotless house. When I’m not kind to myself, it’s much harder for me to be kind to others.

I must be kind to others. Sigh. That means thinking before I speak (which requires some major doing – but hey, I’ve got a Big God who can work miracles). Thinking of others and being considerate – Considering my tone and the words I use before they spew out of my mouth like hot, molten lava. I must defeat my endless interrupted-sleep-inducing-fatigue and take 5 deep breaths before I do or say anything. I must ask for God’s help every single step of the way – cuz I don’t do so good on my own.

I must follow Christ’s example. His kindness outshines the kindest… I must look for his footprints ahead of me instead of just barging on ahead and trampling people in my wake.

Ephesians 4:32

And be kind to one another, (this is an action – something I can do)

tenderhearted, (this is internal – something I can be)

forgiving one another, (this is both proactive and reactive – something I must practice)

even as God in Christ forgave you. (um, yeah – no excuses here…)

So, this is my challenge for 2009. Not just a resolution to forget next week. Not just a goal that can be mastered and then put away.