Tater Tot

Our little Tater is a funny girl. Okay, so I’m biased.

She looks so much like her dad – and then she makes these expressions just like him and it really cracks me up.

We were watching Biggest loser this week – and having that same – “We should do this. But we can’t leave our girls for 12 weeks.” conversation – we were watching a last chance workout and nobody was really talking about anything. The people were sweating and the trainers were motivating – and all of a sudden, Tater starts saying “Go! Go! Go! Go!” She’s only 14 months old and she’s cheering them on already! I would say the cheerleader in her is a direct mimic of her big sister, Curly…

And yesterday while in the bathroom, Tater started signing “poop” – so as quick as i could, I set her on the potty, and sure enough, she did it!!! WOOHOO!!! She’s only ever gone potty because one of us has been going potty and she wants to jump on the “bandwagon” so to speak – but last night she actually told me she needed to. FAN-tastic!!!

Way to go Tater!!!