Paging Ms. Hyde…

Argh. “That time of the month” just carries a tone of doom & gloom for me. This month was not so bad where the “PMS” was concerned. But I have not cramped like this in several months, and Roy was sensitive (& smart) enough to lay low and just let me be cranky-unhappy-dissatisfied-panicky-impatient Ms. Hyde.

How do I ever explain to my girls that being a woman – that having this regular event in life – is a “blessing???” I understand the whole having-a-period-means-I-get-to-have-babies. So how do I prepare them truthfully without instilling in them a sense of dread and fear and distaste for being a woman?

I am actually very concerned about moving into the perimenopausal stage. Not because I dread menopause – but because I can only IMAGINE the hormonal shifts that will occur something like an earthquake on the Richter scale… At about the same time my girls begin their “journey of womanhood.”


This is one month that leading up to the very start of my period, I wasn’t really sure when it was starting. I didn’t have the typical countdown to liftoff with the very specific symptom-by-symptom approach… For that I am grateful and relieved. But the “it” itself has been pretty miserable and even disabling at some points – and I can only say Thank GOD for turtle fudge flurries…