I feel like Eeyore…

I do not intend to be depressing when I post, but today I am very tired and a little bit down in the dumps, and I really need a break.

Last evening was just difficult. Curly was nothing but whiny – ALL EVENING. Nothing made her happy. She cried about EVER-Y-THING and it was impossible to calm her down. She is not feeling great – evidenced by a pull-up that required undressing her in the tub, and when she saw the contents, she started gagging… This morning – she was up early and daddy got her some milk. She started coughing, started crying, said she was scared, and clung to me like a terrified kid. She started coughing again, only to throw up the curdled milk all over me and the floor in the bathroom because she refused to throw up into the toilet or the tub… After that, she was a bit better, but by then, I wasn’t.

I spent the night with Droolah in the recliner. Ended up calling the pediatrician’s office, waiting over an hour for the on-call dr to call back because D’s coughing fits were just TOO long for my comfort. She was starting to cry after a coughing jag (pain? frustration?) and it just sounded horrible and made me uneasy about her breathing. Decongestants are “bad” for kids now, so we can’t give either one of the girls anything to help. The dr reassured me that we were doing everything we could (she was very reassuring as a matter of fact) and that this particular virus – RSV – produces a lot of mucus & phleghm, which contributes to the stuffiness, drainage, and endless coughing. Breathing treatments prescribed by the pediatrician – check. Cool-mist humidifier – check. Showers to steam up the bathroom – check. Baby Vicks vapor-rub – check. The booger-sucker thing – check. Lots of fluids – check. Prop her upright to sleep –

AHA – so mommy & baby ended up in the recliner. We slept for about 6 hours, so that is good, but the way the evening/morning went, it’s as if I didn’t sleep at all.

And there are dishes in my sink to wash (yes, I am familiar with the mommy poem – but dirty bottles won’t keep…) – the floor needs to be vacuumed (and Curly is terrified of the vacuum) – the bathroom is disgusting – and nothing has been disinfected in our house since we’ve come home.

It is NOT that I’m worried about being the perfect housekeeper or Martha Stewart at this point – I am just not able to manage even the little things and I am tired & cranky and need a nap. Oh, and did I mention I did not get to take a shower this morning, either? Not even after my princess threw up on me. Welcome to my Queendom.