Summer is Coming!

At the time of this writing, my preschooler has only ONE day left of preschool, and my girls only have SIX days left.  School is almost over!!!  It is hard to believe that this school year is ending.  It has been a long year, and many days it has felt more like a marathon (or […]

The One Year Book of Psalms

Remember how I told you about the Tyndale Rewards Program?  And how I had just ordered my first Tyndale House Book using my rewards points?  Well, my book arrived Friday (squee!) and I am SO excited to tell you about it! After the Run to Him Quench Bible Study, I really was reminded of how […]

Parenting an Out of the Box Child ...

{If you are just joining, click the links over to Part 1 and Part 2 of this series to catch up!} Can I tell you the MOST challenging part of parenting my Out of the Box Child(ren)?  it isn’t determining the root cause for each diagnosis, whether or not to use medication in our toolbox, or […]

Parenting An Out of the Box Child ...

New here?  Click here to read Part 1 of this series. I. Was. Lost. in my parenting journey and I found myself wondering all the how’s and why’s that come with ADHD.  Frankly, I still feel lost in my journey most days.  Is this ADHD thing my fault?  is it her fault?  Is she just reacting […]

Parenting An Out of the Box Child ...

My friend, Christie, recently posted a (long) list of books on Facebook that she is reading during the month of April.  She was doing it to request a little bit of accountability.  She got some encouragement.  She got some criticism.  But she listed the book, Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe by Sarah […]